Preparing For A Move In And Around Thunder Bay

When it comes to moving there are a bajillion and one considerations to bear in mind. Chances are you’ll forget a few, so we’ve put this handy moving guide together to help the day run smooth as can be.


Notify the telephone company to disconnect your phone one day later than your moving day. This way you’ll still have use of the phone should you need it. Or make sure the moving company has your cell phone number.


Place anything YOU will be taking into a closet or a separate box and put a “do not move” sticker on it (suitcase, clothes, car keys, ipad, phone chargers etc.)


You may leave articles in your dresser drawers, but we recommend you put items like earrings, pins, etc. into a plastic zip lock bag so they don’t fall out.


When the driver arrives he will be placing a numbered tag on every box and piece of furniture, to identify and record the condition of the items being loaded. You’ll be asked to read this inventory, sign it, and keep a copy with which you can check off all of your belongings at destination.


Make sure you check the home completely (closets, drawers, cupboards) after the movers have loaded to ensure nothing is left behind. Also, please give the driver at least two phone numbers where you may be reached at destination and your estimated time of arrival.


Pack one box yourself and mark it with a large X. Ask the driver to load it last so it will be the first item off the moving van. In this box you should keep a local telephone book, some washroom supplies, 2 cups with coffee and a kettle. If you have any small children, include a toy or game for them.

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